Ways to Prevent Back Pain

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Ways to Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints people see a physician about. Back pain can be mild, severe or acute. It is very important to be aware of ways to prevent back pain because it can be debilitating when it occurs.

One of the reasons back pain is very common is because most people live very sedentary lives. People sit all day in front of a computer without getting up to stretch. This may result in back pain. Regular exercising is therefore one of the best ways to prevent back pain. Exercising builds strength and muscle which are important for keeping back pain at bay. When exercising, it is crucial to target the abdominal muscles because they support the back and maintain body balance. Yoga and Pilates are excellent when it comes to strengthening back muscles.

Some other exercises that can be adopted to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles are chest raises, press-ups and modified sit ups. These should be done at least 2 or 3 times a week for best results. Proper form should be kept while exercising as poor form may lead to back injury and consequently back pain. You should also stretch after exercising to keep your back flexible and loose.

Another reason for back pain is poor posture when sitting down or standing that causes strain in the neck and the lower back. One of the ways to prevent back pain is therefore maintaining good posture. Good posture means your spine is well aligned and your body is balanced. Good sitting posture means keeping feet flat on the ground. The back slightly arched with the lower back well supported and head and shoulders should be upright. The chair and desk should also be of the right height.

Maintaining a healthy weight is another one of the ways to prevent back pain. Having excess weight will put undue pressure on the back, particularly the lower back resulting in back pain. This is because of the loading and compression of the discs (vertebrae) in the spine.

A very common reason for back pain is poor lifting technique. A lot of people use the back to lift objects which is not correct. Safe lifting, which is one of the ways to prevent back pain, means using your legs instead of your back. The proper way to lift an object is to keep feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees while tightening the stomach muscles and keeping the back straight. You should keep the object you are lifting close to you. You should not try to lift very heavy objects by yourself as this could do serious damage.

Sleeping right is another way to prevent back pain. Your bed should not be too hard or too soft, while your pillow should not lift your neck out of alignment with the spine as this will cause strain.

Other ways to prevent back pain include wearing the right shoes, quitting smoking, drinking plenty of water and getting proper nutrition.

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