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Do You Need Surgery for Back Pain ?

In the event that traditional methods of treating back pain does not work, then surgery for back pain becomes the next viable option to relieve the patient of the pain from their back problems. Today, medical science has allowed for the advancement of surgical options that are minimally invasive, largely effective, and fast to heal. With this new technology available no one has to continue suffering from back pain for an extended period of time.

First of all, surgery for back pain is not the first proposed remedy to chronic back problems. Before surgery can be proposed as a viable option, doctors will need to assess the severity of the problem as well as its responsiveness to less invasive treatment options.

Among the recommended options for back pain relief prior to surgery are:

Rest - Oftentimes, back pain is induced by repetitive tasks that put extra strain on the back. A common example is sitting in front of the computer for eight hours a day and up to five days a week. Doctors recommend breaking off from this routine for two to three weeks to see if the back responds positively to being taken away from the cause of the pain. This method may be complimented by the use of heating pads.

Epidural - This helps many individuals by relieving the pain long enough for the affected area to heal.

Exercise - In many cases, this involves the assistance of a physical therapist or a chiropractor. The objective is to loosen the tightness in the muscles and allow it to revert back to its original, unstressed state.

While the above methods are being tried if the pain is severe enough the doctor may prescribe pain relievers. However, remember this does not solve the problem, it only covers it and should only be used short term as addictions can occur.

If the above methods have been tried and failed, surgery for back pain becomes a serious consideration. The timetable for testing the above-mentioned methods is typically in the range of a month to three months. If the pain continues to recur and the body becomes unresponsive to the natural treatment methods, surgery becomes the viable option.

Of the many surgical methods available, one of the most recommended is laparoscopic surgery. Contrast this with open back surgery which requires making a large cut in the back to open up the affected area. Laparoscopic surgery for back pain only needs minor incisions into the back to relieve the pinched nerve by whatever method the doctor feels is best. As a result, patients are able to recover faster because of the minimally invasive procedure.

Other alternatives include the open back procedure which requires doctors to cut straight into the back and slowly part the muscles that obscure the affected nerve. This procedure was used before the development of laparoscopic methods but has limited applications in surgery for back pain today due to the fact that it can lead to a variety of complications. Only when the affected nerve is severely obscured that open back surgery finds application in today’s treatment options for back pain.

So, if you have been having serious back problems for an extended period of time, perhaps it’s time to consider surgery for back pain. Talk to your doctor about what would be the best option for you and your particular back injury. If he or she feels the less invasive methods have not worked, explore the possibility of surgery to help permanently address your back problems so that you will no longer be bothered with continuous back pain.