Spine Surgery Cost

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Spine surgery cost is one of the most important considerations for patients suffering from recurring and chronic back pain. Sadly, it’s also the factor that is largely prohibitive for many. To be fair, spinal surgery procedures are not cheap owing to the complexity and the expertise required to successfully resolve the cause for recurring back pain; hence, being familiar with the cost per se is crucial to everyone contemplating spinal surgery so plans can be made ahead of time to address the financial implications of the procedure.

The most important factor that determines spine surgery cost is the exact type of procedure being done. The type of procedure, consequently, is determined by the exact type of repair that needs to be performed to correct the cause of recurring back pain. Here are a few common examples of the most notable procedures and the corresponding spine surgery cost for each.

•Endoscopic Back Surgery. This procedure is performed using a small endoscopic tube inserted into the back with a very small incision. This procedure falls under the class of minimally invasive back surgeries and is considered less painful and less demanding. As such, recovery times are generally shorter, the required anaesthetic is lower, and potential complications are fewer. Endoscopic back surgery cost ranges from $6,000 to $8,000 depending on the location where the procedure is conducted as well as the accompanying doctor’s fees.

•Spondylodesis Back Surgery. Spondylodesis is performed when it is necessary to fuse the spinal vertebra to improve or maintain the mechanical integrity of the patient’s spine. This is often required when there are bone abnormalities or if a spinal vertebra has to be removed because it is severely herniated and the chances of it healing itself is slim. This procedure is more complicated than the endoscopic variety and the cost reflects the difference. Spondylodesis back surgery can range from $12,000 to $15,000 with another $3,000 additional cost if a spinal vertebral removal is required to remedy the recurring back pain.

•Laminectomy. Of all the spine surgery cost considerations, a laminectomy is by far the most costly. The procedure is performed to thin down the walls of the spine in order to relieve the pressure pressing down on the nerves. This type of surgery can cost up to $85,000 and is only performed by the most qualified experts owing to its complexity.

Patients also need to consider the extra expenditure that comes with every procedure and not just spine surgery cost per se. For example, costs associated with hospital charges, post-surgery rehab, or treatment of complications that may arise also needs to be planned accordingly. Incidentally, these are variable costs and predicting a figure can be tough and highly subjective. For purposes of estimation, an additional 30% on top of the actual estimated cost is necessary.

However, do not let spine surgery cost become your limitation for not getting permanent relief from recurring back pain. Know the associated costs ahead of time so you can plan on raising the money and put yourself in the best position to get the surgical treatment you need. It will be difficult but if you are prepared, you are giving yourself a higher chance for success.