Spine Disc Problems

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Spine Disc Problems

One of the most common musculoskeletal disorders affecting patients all over the world pertains to spine disc problems of which the most common is disc herniation or disc bulging. Many people who complain of recurring back problems but only take medications and keep going eventually realize they are dealing with serious spine disc problems that can lead to a variety of more serious complications. We will talk about these problems and complications in the succeeding paragraphs as well as the importance of regularly seeing your doctor, especially if your back pain has become regular, persistent, or severe.

In general, there are two common reasons why spine disc problems involving a herniated disc happen. The first has to do with trauma. This is common among those who live an active lifestyle and are constantly subjected to the rigors of repetitive muscular and skeletal demand coupled with repetitive, sudden and forceful impacts. A common example would be professional sports athletes. Football players, for example, are highly susceptible to spine disc problems because of the beating that they take in practice and during every game.

The second cause is more subtle, typically goes unnoticed until it is too late, and one that is largely preventable. As we age, our bones become brittle and the support structure of the whole spine can weaken. When mixed with repetitive loads such as sitting in front of a computer for 40 hours a week on a poorly designed chair and with bad sitting posture, spinal discs can slip and slide resulting in a herniated disc. These are the types of spine disc problems that are gradual and one that we all tend to dismiss as nothing more than ordinary back pain.

Doctors strongly recommend reporting back problems, especially if you fall under any of the following conditions:

•You had an accident which might have injured your back.

•You are over 30 years of age and experiencing recurring back pain.

•You do repetitive tasks on a daily basis which puts strain on your back. Repetitive tasks can range from working in front of a computer to lifting loads in a warehouse to tending a grocery store and arranging products on a high shelf.

These are just some of the cases where spine disc problems can potentially develop because of the combination of weakened muscular and skeletal systems plus long hours at work.

In these cases, do not wait for the pain to intensify before seeing your doctor. Once you sense that the pain is happening more frequently, you need to have yourself checked out to be sure you are not having spine disc problems bad enough that they can lead to more serious complications such as paralysis and sciatic nerve damage.

Spine disc problems are preventable but only if one takes the time to adopt the proper habits related to posture, ergonomics, regular stretch breaks as well as a culture of early reporting to your doctor once you sense that something is not right. It is when one fails to do these that spine disc problems become serious problems, so look to implement these lifestyle decisions so you spare yourself from the anguish of suffering through spine disc problems.

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