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Spinal Surgery

Back pain is a terrible thing to live with. At times in can be excruciating and totally debilitating. Besides the pain there can be numbness in the legs which can sometime cause people to get off balance and fall. This is not something you want to happen when you are already experiencing severe back problems.

Unfortunately, even though it has made great medical strides in the past few decades, spinal surgery is still very unpredictable and in many cases doesn't get the hoped for results. However, individuals who are experiencing severe pain will usually opt for it in the end, feeling if they get any pain relief at all it will be worth it.

There are a number of surgical options available for those with severe back problems. Here is a list and a short explanation of some of them.

1 – Laminectomy – This procedure is used to remove bone that may be touching or pinching nerve ending.

2 – Discectomy – If an individual has a herniated disc this procedure is used. The herniated portion of the disc is removed in hopes of relieving the inflammation and pain being caused by the herniation. This surgery usually involved partial or full removal of part of the vertebra in order to reach the disc that is causing the problems.

3 – Fusion – The procedure permanently joins two or more bones of the spine. It will give the spine more stability and eliminate the painful motion of the injured part of the backbone.

4 – Vertebroplasty – In this procedure the surgeon actually injects bone cement into the compressed vertebrae to help stabilize the area.

5 – Artificial discs – Modern medicine has now advanced enough that it is able to implant artificial discs to take the place of the damaged ones.

Studies show that in the majority of cases the spinal column can heal itself when given the time and the correct treatment. For this reason most doctors first try very conservative methods before actually advising spinal surgery. Some of these treatments will include bed rest, less physical activity, anti-inflammatory drugs to help with the swelling, and pain medication to help with the pain. At times an epidural can be helpful for many patients.

Many individuals choose to try alternative options for their back problems. This is a personal decision based on a persons own beliefs and ideas. There have been many people who seem to have benefited from these options so if worked out very well for them. In all probability these measures gave the back the time to heal itself, but without having to use the pain medications and other drugs associated with conventional medicine. Every back problem is individual and different things seem to help different people.