Spinal Injections for Herniated Disc

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Spinal Injections for Herniated Disc

Spinal injections for herniated disc is one option in the management of recurring back pain that is shown to have been caused by a spinal disc problems. There are many forms of spinal problems but perhaps the most common is caused by a herniated disc. This condition is characterized by one or more vertebral discs in the spine having damage due to the individuals age or incorrect usage of the spine. As a result, the problem disc impinges on the nerve endings and nerve roots resulting in a variety of symptoms including recurring pain, numbness, a tingling sensation and partial paralysis among others.

Once diagnosed, the treatment plan for a herniated disc or discs is defined based on the severity of the condition. In cases where the pain is only mild, therapy and rest are often sufficient to reverse the condition. In more serious conditions, surgery may be explored as an option for the pain. However, it has to be noted that all of these treatment options do not produce immediate results.

This is where pain management options such as spinal injections for herniated disc become very important. In many cases, oral medications based on non-steroidal capsules or pain medication may be insufficient. In the event that oral medication doses no longer give relief, spinal injections directly into the affected area may be suggested by the doctor. The injections have a more potent and longer-lasting effect. Patients who get spinal injections for herniated disc can experience relief from pain for up to 8 weeks without the need for any intermediate medications during that period.

However, it should be noted that spinal injections only provide temporary pain relief and do not offer permanent cure. In fact, one can argue that spinal injections have their fair share of disadvantages when abused. This limits their applicability to situations when a stronger drug for pain management is absolutely necessary because other non-invasive treatment has failed.

These disadvantages can be broken into two facets. First, repetitive injections can create a drug dependency habit on the part of the patient. The next time around, higher doses of the injections will be required in order to relieve the pain and this is not advisable when very potent and powerful drugs are involved.

The second disadvantage is that the absence of pain may inadvertently worsen the condition without the patient noticing. The pain is a constant reminder that there is something anatomically wrong with the spine that has to be resolved. When the pain goes away, many patients assume that they are already feeling better and they end up doing activities that only worsen their condition. This is why spinal injections for herniated disc are only given 1 or 2 times to a patient before a more permanent treatment plan is put into place.

However, it is definitely worthwhile to try spinal injections for herniated disc to help solve serious back pain problems. There have been many patients who were able to recover from permanent back pain after receiving only one epidural. Though this treatment method does not work for all individuals, it has given relief to enough patients to make it a viable option.

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