Spinal Decompression

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Spinal Decompression

If you have been trying a number of conservative methods to ease the pain of a ruptured or herniated disc but nothing seems to help, spinal decompression may be something you want to look into. This is especially true if you have been in pain so long you are considering surgery but don't really relish the idea of this serious operation.

Spinal decompression is a non invasive form of treatment for those experiencing extreme back pain and who have already tried a number of other conservative method to no avail.

What spinal decompression does is mechanically stretch the spine in a very slow manner so that the pressure on the problem disc or discs is relieved. This is one of the newest treatments available for those with herniated discs and has shown amazing results. This treatment shows promise for herniated discs, different forms of spinal arthritis, facet joint syndrome and degenerative disc diseases.

For those with herniated discs, spinal decompression takes the pressure off the discs so they can heal and return to their normal size. This procedure can do the same for a degenerative disc. Since the spine loses height when it has discs that are compressed into a flatter position, it needs the room provided by spinal decompression to revert to its original height and position.

Decompression of the disc of the spine has been used for the treatment of back problems for many years now. It the past it was known as traction. It was a series of ropes, weights and pulleys and was very primitive when compared to the spinal decompression machines used today.

If you are having back problems which are producing a huge amount of pain and possibly other problems such as a numbness in the legs or neck, it is best to pay your doctor a visit first so that you can get properly diagnosed. You may want to even wait a while to see if your disc is going to heal itself in time. However, if you have already tried other options and only want to have surgery as a last resort you may be the perfect candidate for this procedure.

If you have never heard of spinal decompression, it is a painless procedure. The patient is strapped into the machine which is run by a computer which of course is adjusted by the caregiver. The machine then gently and slowly stretches your body and in the process stretches your spinal column as well. As the spinal column is stretched it releases the pressure that is on the disc and gives any protruding nucleus the opportunity to return to its correct position inside the disc.

If this sounds like a procedure you would be interested in check the internet or yellow pages of the largest city near where you live for information. Though spinal decompression is not 100% sure, it has been shown to help many back pain patients and is something that should be tried before agreeing to surgery.