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Slipped Disc Treatment - There are a number of options

Slipped discs are starting to become a growing concern for many orthopedic doctors. A few years back, slipped discs were normally cased by trauma on the spinal area resulting from a tear in the outer ring of the vertebra which eventually causes the soft spinal portion to bulge out due to the action of gravity. Today, sedentary lifestyles such as office work that requires one to sit in front of the computer for hours on end, can lead to static loading at the lower spinal area resulting to a tear and a bulge.

Slipped disc problems incurring via the latter case are aggravated by poor posture and a lack of stretching routines to alleviate the stress at the back portion. More and more people with minimal involvement in physically intensive activities are needing slipped disc treatment due to musculo-skeletal disorders caused by bad office habits.

There are many available options for slipped disc treatment although not everything offers the same level of relief. It is crucial that one talks to an experienced doctor to determine the most beneficial form of treatment particular to one’s case.

The simplest and most basic requirement prior a full-regimen slipped disc treatment is rest and a modification of one’s basic activities. Activities that aggravate the symptoms such as lifting heavy objects or bad sitting posture will cause the problem to worsen. Many herniated disc cases, the technically correct term for a slipped disc, resolve on their own with minimal medical attention if proper rest and a change in lifestyle activities are pursued.

Hot and cold compresses can also help to provide relief for herniated disc cases. Use ice packs to increase the blood flow to the herniated area to promote healing. Hot packs, on the other hand, should be used to relax the muscles to prevent spasms. While these are not technically considered treatment methods, they can be extremely useful in helping to alleviate the conditions experienced by the patient and should be carried out once in a while to provide relief.

The best forms of slipped disc treatment, especially for those that do not completely heal even after sufficient rest, come in the form of complementary physical therapy sessions with medications. The whole range of prescribed medicines that are known to help treat slipped disc problems include anti-inflammatory medications to help relax the muscles and prevent compression of the bulging disc thereby easing pain; oral steroid medications also relieve inflammation and stress on the herniated portion to limit the pain, and epidural steroid injections which are used in cases when the pain is severe enough that an immediate supply of steroids is needed in the herniated area.

Physical therapy, on the other hand, is a useful slipped disc treatment method to help stabilize and strengthen the lumbar muscles so the load near the herniated area is lessened. Excessive forces at the vertebra will worsen the bulging as the spinal cord and the spinal sack will tend to flow with the direction of forces; stronger lumbar muscles can provide adequate support to counteract this effect.

If the case is really severe, surgery can be a final option. Surgery as a slipped disc treatment is only limited to actively progressing cases or patients that are experiencing significant weakness. It is also used when all other methods have failed to alleviate the condition. Experienced doctors generally report a high success rate for slipped disc surgery which should help to assure the patient of a speedy recovery.

The most important consideration is to prevent slipped discs by regularly exercising to strengthen the muscles, modifying one’s routines to prevent static loading on the vertebra especially through bad sitting posture. Slipped disc is not a problem to be taken lightly so ample attention is required to prevent it. It goes without saying that you will not need slipped disc treatment if you don’t have it in the first place – and that’s the best thing you can do to avoid all the worries.

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