Severe Low Back Pain

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Severe Low Back Pain

Are you regularly feeling severe low back pain that oftentimes renders you immobile and writhing in pain for days at a time? Did the pain appear suddenly or was it a gradual development culminating in a recent episode when the pain suddenly became unbearable? Do you have any idea as to its potential causes or are you at a loss and need help in determining what is it that caused your episodes of severe low back pain?

While there are plenty of potential causes of severe low back pain, particularly when it is a recurring condition, it is very likely that you have a combination of muscular and skeletal causes resulting in the back pain. This can be caused by a sudden injury like a nasty fall or a condition that gradually develops over time resulting in a class of musculoskeletal disorders that affect the spine. A very common cause is a herniated disc which happens when one or more of the vertebra encasing is damaged causing the release of its gel content which impinges on the surrounding nerves resulting in intense and sharp episodes of pain.

To fully determine the exact cause of severe low back pain, it is best to see your doctor for a thorough assessment. There are confirmatory tests and exams that can be done to verify exactly what is causing your pain. Very often, you will be subjected to various imaging techniques like MRI, CT scan and x-ray to get a clear resolution of the position of your spinal disc in relation to its surrounding nerves. From here, doctors can make more definitive diagnoses on the causes of your recurring back pain. The corresponding treatment can then be administered depending on the exact cause.

The most basic treatment options include over-the-counter medications like Advil or more powerful narcotics like Tylenol or, stronger still, Vicodin. In very extreme cases, doctors may look to prescribe an epidural shot which is the injection of corticosteroids direct into the spinal cavity.

In parallel, severe low back pain can also be treated by a combination of rest and therapy. Rest, in itself, is fairly self-explanatory. You will be asked to take a few days off of work and stay away from physical labor which can worsen or exacerbate the condition. Therapy, on the other hand, requires the assistance of a capable physical therapist to put you through the activities that can help relieve the back tension and strengthen the back muscles.

If these methods prove useless against severe low back pain, surgery can be a final option that doctors can explore to remedy your condition. However, surgery does come with the caveat that it comes with its fair share of risks. Make sure to talk to your doctor to discuss the pros and cons of surgery before deciding to go under the knife for severe low back pain.

And those are the basics; severe low back pain is almost always caused by a musculoskeletal problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Don’t wait a long period of time thinking it will just go away. Visit your doctor immediately to get ahead of the pain and to devise a plan that will ultimately help you recover and be free from all the pain that goes with spinal problems.