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Options For Severe Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the more common complaints known to man. It can be categorized as severe or acute, sub-acute or mild. The categorization of the back pain will depend on the duration a person has been suffering from the back pain.

Severe back pain will have different causes. It may result from a muscle strain, bone fractures, disc herniation, arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylolithesis, fibromyalgia, back fractures, spinal stenosis and many other causes. The first step towards severe back pain relief is to pinpoint the exact cause of the back pain.

It is an excellent idea to consult a physician who will be able to help in determining the exact cause of your back pain. It is especially important to consult a physician if aside from the back pain you are having trouble controlling your bladder, are experiencing numbness, suffering from fever or headaches or are having difficulty moving. Pregnant women and people over the age of 60 should always consult a doctor if they experience severe back pain.

For severe back pain relief it is always best to attempt simple or non invasive methods before moving on to more serious measures. One basic treatment for severe back pain may involve adopting a better posture. In many cases, back pain is caused by poor posture and adopting a better posture will go a long way in easing the pain. It is also important to learn the proper form for lifting or carrying heavy items.

Back pain can also be caused by tension and stress. Sometimes just relaxing and staying off you feet for awhile will really help. Some have said that yoga seems to help with thier back probmes. It may be a good idea to take up some mild form of exercise or physical activity. However, you should consult your doctor first as you do not want to do anything that may further injure your back.

Some individuals go to a chiropractor for severe back pain relief. Treatment will include what is referred to as chiropractic adjustment. This will involve manual and spinal manipulation. A chiropractic may recommend some physical therapy such as massage, ultrasound, traction and electric stimulation. He or she may also recommend some form of exercises that strengthen the weak muscles in the back which may help to reduce the back pain.

Another option for severe back pain relief is pain medication. The most common pain medications for back pain are NSAIDs. Narcotic pain medications may also be used if the pain is severe enough. However, while pain medications are effective for relieving pain, one drawback is that the painkillers will only relieve the symptoms and not treat the underlying cause. There is also the possibility of addiction so they should only be used for the short term. At time muscle relaxants may also be prescribed by a doctor in cases where the back pain is causes by muscle spasms.

There are other options available for back problems. Since we are all different, things that work for one person may not work for another person. We some trial and error and research one may find what works best for them.

If all other methods do not alleviate the back pain, surgery may be needed for severe back pain relief. However, for most physicians this is only used as a last resort as surgery does congtain some risks..