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Sciatica Herniated Disc Pain

Sciatica herniated disc is a disorder that causes severe hip and back pain because a damaged disc is protruding out of its protected area and touching the sciatica nerve . The Sciatica nerve transmits impulses from the feet to the end of the spine making it the longest nerve in the body of a human being. Therefore, pain sensation on any part of the nerve will be felt on the entire area surrounding the nerve. The spine of an individual comprises of discs that are lined up on top of each other. A rupture, break or any damage that occurs to the disc results in the development of a herniated disc. The damage may be caused by aging, spinal injuries and wear and tear of the disc form some sort of work the individual does. Once the damage occurs the gel like substance inside the disc seeps out of the damaged area. Therefore, sciatica herniated disc pain develops and can be a severe problem because the pain is sufficient enough that most people can not function.

Sciatica causes pain on the lower back, buttocks, legs and feet. On the other hand, herniated discs can occur at the lower cervical region and the lower intervertebral region of the lumbar. Sciatica herniated disc thus subjects an individual to intolerable back pain which affects their normal home and work life. Therefore, this disorder needs to be corrected as soon as possible to enable the effected individuals to lead their normal lives.

There are a number of options that are used to cure a sciatica herniated disc. One of these options is herniated disc back surgery. However, this option is only recommeded after other less invasive and safer methods have failed.

A sciatica herniated disc is treated via various techniques. Some find heat and cold compacts help along with complete bed rest to give the disc a chance to heal on its own. In most cases a sciatica herniated disc will heal itself if given enough time. However, during this time the patient must try not to do anything at all to further irritate the problem. Pain medication may be required but this should be considered only a short term aid. Pain medication will not cure the problem and addictions are possible when used over a long period.

There are a number of other non invasive therapies that can be used but they are too many to mention in this short article. The last resort before surgery is usually spinal injections around the affected area. Usually if the injections and other measures have failed then herniated disc back surgery is suggested.

It is very difficult to determine when a patient is suffering from sciatica herniated disc. Even the use of an x-ray cannot give the desired results. Therefore, whenever individuals feel intense pain which is recurring in their back or neck they should immediately consult medical experts. The disorder can only be detected by the use of an MRI technology and then sometimes the results are not 100%. Furthermore, as stated earlier, individuals suffering from this a sciatica herniated disc are advised to get off there feet and give the disc a chance to heal. Rest aids in the reduction of pressure on the lumbar spine thereby relief pain.

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