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Sciatic Nerve Surgery for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic Nerve Surgery has come a long way in the last few years. Thanks to modern medical advancements there are now a number of herniated disc back surgeries available that are much less invasive and much less painful for the patient. Better yet, the percentage of successful back surgeries is on the rise.

Sciatic Nerve surgery is of course done in the vast majority of instances because of a ruptured or herniated disc. When a disc ruptures it can cause the soft gel substance, or nucleus within the disc that protects it to seep out of its protective lining called the annulus. When this substance comes in contact with the sciatic nerve it can create sharp pains that at times can be unbearable without medication.

Most sciatic nerve problems happen in older individuals. After years of wear and tear the discs begin to just plain wear out or degenerate. However, the young can can also develop back and nerve problems as well if they do things that put to much undue stress on their spine.

Many people injure their back by trying to lift more weight than their body was meant to do. Individuals should know their body's limitations and stay well within them. Poor lifting habits or putting too much strain on the back for prolonged periods of time can reek havoc on the disc that were meant to be the backbone's shock absorbers. Even though the backbone is one of the strongest parts of ours body, with enough abuse it can develop problems that no one wants to deal with. Being in constant pain is not a good way to spend your days.

Whether the disc is caused by degeneration or by an injury doesn't matter once it has already happened. This is especially true if the sciatic nerve is affected. Sciatic nerve pain doesn't stop at the location of the herniated disc but extends the length of the nerve itself. It usually starts at the lower back and radiates along the thigh to the lower knee. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and when it gets inflamed or touched by a ruptured disc nucleus there is almost invariable going to be a generous amount of pain.

Although sciatic nerve surgery, or back surgery as it is more commonly called, has experienced vast improvements over the last few years it is still something that is done as a last resort. In many cases the body will heal itself if given enough time. However, because of the intense sciatic nerve pain and the time it takes to heal many people become impatient and opt for the surgery.

There are many types of herniated disc back surgeries and if you are considering an operation in hopes of getting some pain relief, be certain you look into all your options. You may want to stay around and read a few more of our articles since we have a large number on the subject, some of which are a little more in depth than this one. Hopefully this information on sciatic nerve surgery has been of help.