Laser Spinal Surgery

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Perhaps you have never heard of laser surgery for the spine. Over the last decade revolutionary technology and procedures for laser spinal surgery through the use of gentle lasers have been used in surgical centers throughout the United States relieving back pain for thousands of people. Many worldwide sufferers have also taken advantage of this surgery.

Before laser spinal surgery, the only other choice for chronic back sufferers was the traditional open-back surgery. Traditional open-back surgery had been the last resort after all other conservative type treatments failed. Open-back surgery still involves anesthesia, hours of surgery, generally a hospital stay, infections, high financial cost, and a long rehabilitation time. Not a painless picture--thus many have preferred to endure their chronic back pain rather than go through such extensive surgery. Laser spinal surgery is now an alternative choice. What are the benefits of laser spinal surgery?

Benefits of Laser Spinal Surgery:

minimally invasive procedure with a high level of precision
smaller incision
limited blood loss
less chance of blood clots and infection
typically no anesthesia
outpatient surgery—no overnight stay
less pain
overall faster recovery time
shorter rehab period
higher success rate compared to traditional open-back surgery
less financial costs—more affordable

What Are Some Types of Procedures Possible in Laser Surgery?

Percutaneous Endoscopic Discectomy
Facet Thermal Ablation
Spinal Fusion Alternative

Most patients will have a number of issues or conditions when having surgery. Fortunately because the surgery is minimally invasive, more than one condition can be surgically addressed without the patient returning for a second surgery. This is also cost effective for the patient and doctor.

Every patient is different. Some surgeries may require hospitalization depending on what procedures are necessary. Also, recovery times will vary depending on the patient's degree of surgery and medical condition. However, when comparing laser spinal surgery to the traditional open-back surgery, the overall recovery time is much shorter.

Before scheduling surgery get your facts. How many procedures like yours are done by the surgical center or physician? What is their success rate? Do they specialize in laser surgery for the spine? Ask for testimonials of those that may have had the same type of laser spine surgery you are in need of and what their results are now. Some patients give testimonials for future references for new patients.

In years past, when we thought of lasers we pictured something out of the movie, Star Wars. Now though laser spinal surgery is good news, not science fiction, for those living daily with chronic back pain. There are surgical centers throughout the United States specializing in laser endoscopic surgery.