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Laser Disc Surgery

Laser disc surgery is a fast growing option to treat recurring back problems. In years prior, back surgery would be accomplished by cutting straight into the back risking complications such as muscle and nerve damage. With modern methods like laser disc surgery, these complications are largely avoided and recovery is more likely to proceed unimpeded than if traditional surgical methods were carried out.

The development of laser disc surgery began shortly after lasers found use in the medical field. In the ultra-competitive segment of spine surgery, laser technology was quick to find a niche. Laser disc surgery is particularly important because it is painless and safer than more conventional methods and this is the driving force behind more and more patients looking to quickly find a resolution to their back problems.

According to studies by the Laser Spine Institute, laser disc surgery allows 75% of patients to regain control of their motor skills within a 14 day period whereas competing back surgery methods only achieve 65% of motor skill resumption. Likewise, there are no extended hospital stays associated with laser disc surgery while open back and fusion methods require as much as 2-5 days of zero activity and being confined to a bed for recovery.

Other aspects of laser disc surgery that have so much promise include data that shows very low infection rates for laser disc surgery because there is no large open wound that requires days for healing. In contrast, conventional back surgery methods can have a large infection rate. One in every five patients who must use open back surgery are likely to develop some type of infection during the recovery period.

Perhaps the best benefit of laser disc surgery is that it allows patients to quickly return to their normal routines free from pain in a shorter period of time. More than 75% of patients are expected to be back at work within a few weeks of their operation while conventional methods can take many months of healing and rehabilitation.

Undoubtedly, laser disc surgery is helping to revolutionize the competitive, complicated and sensitive field of back surgery. Today, as more and more people are diagnosed with various back issues most notably a herniated disc in the back, laser disc surgery continues to move into the forefront of reformative medicine that is designed to completely eliminate the sources of pain and discomfort and allow patients to resume their normal lifestyles prior to the onset of pain.

With this great promise combined with a better understanding of the biomechanics of the human body, especially that pertaining to back pain, the instances of acute back problems are expected to come down. Consequently, laser disc surgery will be more than a suitable and convenient option to facilitate faster healing, recovery and the resumption of a normal life. If anything, it is the best and most trusted option to give people a chance to retake control of their lives and finally be free from the gripping effects of back pain.