Laser Back Surgery

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Laser back surgery is a relatively safe and effective procedure for dealing with problems related to back pain and herniated discs. Highly skilled Orthopedic surgeons perform this procedure using very minimal invasive techniques that give better results, less complications and much faster recovery time. This technique has become an alternative to open back and neck fusions in patients who qualify. Laser spinal surgery has been used for a number of years but has vastly improved mainly because of the lastest in computer technology.

Laser back surgery recovery time is less than half that of conventional back surgery procedures. It has given many patients relief from back and neck injuries without the dangerous complications. Many major injuries that were difficult to treat in the past can now be treated with much greater success with the use of laser technology. The results are less painful and the chances of post surgery problems are greatly reduced. In some instances it can even be done as an out patient procedure which can be very economically beneficial.

Laser back surgery can be an alternative method for problems such as arthritis, bone spurs, discs problems, pinched nerves, sciatica, facet disease and more. The results are usually related to the severity of the problem.

Open back surgery can take up to a year to see positive results and the wounds totally mended. With laser surgery it can happen within one hour. Better still, laser spinal surgery is usually done with twilight anesthesia so the patient can be responsive during the procedure and have a much less chance of conventional anesthesia problems.

Laser back surgery is done by making a few small incisions instead of the normal six inch or more incision used in conventional open back surgery. A miniature camera is inserted into one of the small incisions so the procedure can be viewed by the surgeon. Also, instead of cutting through the muscles they are moved aside which is one reason there is such a quick recovery time. There is also considerably less scarring since there is less stitching and movement of the muscles.

Not everyone is a candidate for laser spinal surgery and for those who do not have this option then the traditional type is the procedure that must be used. However, with new technology even open back surgery is much safer than it once was.

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