Herniated Spinal Disc

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Herniated Spinal Disc

The biggest problem with a herniated spinal disc lies in the fact that it can progressively degenerate without the patient knowing until it is a little too late. While public awareness of the risks regarding this condition has grown over the years, it remains to be one of the most common and typically under-reported medical conditions out there. To wit, how many times have you shrugged off back pain as “just another discomfort” instead of heading to the doctor to have it examined?

A careful analysis of herniated spinal disc provides the perfect justification as to why it has to be reported immediately. Consider the following key facts that pertain to the severity of the condition and what can be done about it:

There are many risk factors associated with the condition but age is one variable that has to be paid special attention to. Studies have shown that the older one gets, the more susceptible he or she is to a herniated spinal disc. If you are in your mid-30s and regularly experience back pain, it’s time to take extra precaution and see a doctor immediately.

If diagnosed early, there is actually a very good chance that therapy and rest alone can help remedy the condition. Eschewing the need for surgery can be a very big milestone that helps minimize risks without reducing the likelihood for complete recovery within a reasonable period of time.

A herniated spinal disc is no longer confined to people with active lifestyles as it used to be some years ago. Today, more and more people working in a corporate environment complain of back pain which is eventually diagnosed as a herniated disc. This is because posture can help prevent or accelerate the condition. It is very important to have the correct posture when spending long periods in front of the computer as well as using the right ergonomic tools to help minimize the risk for musculo-skeletal disorders like a herniated spinal disc.

Regular exercise significantly lowers the risk for the condition. This is because exercise can strengthen the back muscles providing additional support that retards the disc movement. People who exercise are far less likely to report back problems than people who do not have an exercise routine of any form.

While surgical methods have significantly improved over the last few years, surgery remains to be a very risky option for patients. There are risks and complications, albeit small, which may lead to an unsuccessful surgery or other related problems.

The complexity of herniated spinal discs means that everyone should take the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening. Not only is back pain a serious condition that must be avoided, but being diagnosed with the condition can also mean serious medical spending, long periods of being away from work, and the possibility of going into surgery to correct the problem. Surgery recovery can months to fully complete and this may pose a serious threat to people’s job security. In a competitive corporate environment, this can be a nightmare situation for any employee.

The best cure remains to be prevention by adapting simple but effective measures like proper posture, regular medical check-up, and exercising. A herniated spinal disc is never a laughing matter, so show your commitment to stopping it in its tracks by adapting a lifestyle conducive to preventing its onset.

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