Herniated Disc Repair

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Herniated disc repair is something anyone with a herniated disc is more than interested in. When a disc herniates or degenerates with age it is almost always accompanied by intense pain. To make matters worse, the pain is something you have to live with 24 hours a day. This can be very frustrating to someone who needs to make a living or take care of a home and children.

The good news is the human body can in most cases perform herniated disc repair on its own. The bad news is it usually takes a very extended period of time which can include a lot of bed rest and doing absolutely nothing that could possibly make the injured disc worse. Unfortunately there are very few people who have the luxury or the patience to do this. Thus, the disc gradually deteriates more and people are forced into bad decisions in hopes of getting some form of relief from the constant, nerve racking pain.

There are many options when it comes to herniated disc repair. It has been found that different things work for different individuals.

Some patients find that non invasive forms of medical treatment help relieve the pain such as massages, physical therapy, chiropractic care, spinal bracing, inversion therapy and even acupuncture. Most surgeons prefer to try non invasive methods before surgery so this is usually no problem for the doctor. However, they should always be consulted before trying alternative treatment.

Some individuals prefer to take pain medication and go on with life as if nothing is wrong. However, in the long run this usually leads to only worse problems. As time goes by more and more medication is needed to relieve the pain and drug addition can easily occur. Furthermore, since the medication gives a temporary relief from the pain, many people injure their backs even more while under its influence.

Since no one wants to live their lives in pain, when other methods fail most people turn to herniated disc back surgery for their herniated disc repair.

Fortunately for those who require surgery, modern medical advances have brought with it a number of minimal invasive back operations. These new methods require much smaller incisions and less cutting of the muscles. This leads to less post operative pain and complications. The procedures offer less time on the operating table and the costs are significantly smaller. This is a big change from the open back surgeries that were the only option to patients a few short years ago.

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