Herniated Disc Healing

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Herniated Disc Healing

Having a herniated disc can be very painful, which is why learning the basics of herniated disc healing is very important for a speedy and effective recovery. There are many patients who feel relief after a few days of therapy and rest so they tend to rush back to their normal routines thinking that the worst has past. With herniated discs, this is a very dangerous concept. Patients must learn how to go through the herniated disc healing process with patience and full recovery in mind in order to ensure that the condition does not come back or worse, becomes too complicated therefore requiring surgery.

When going through the herniated disc healing process, the most important concepts are rest and therapy. These two concepts are interrelated but are also independently important in their own right.

Rest, from the mere definition, involves taking time off from the normal things you do such as your day job, or breaking free from the routines that might have been responsible for the herniated disc. Even the simple task of sitting in front of a computer for hours on end can result in herniated discs when a combination of factors work together to put enough pressure on the back. Posture, lack of stretching, fatigue, and old age are all contributors to the likelihood of herniated discs. As such, herniated disc healing must require the patient to be as far apart from these factors as possible in order to eliminate the likely cause of the problem.

Providing perfect complement to rest is therapy. For maximum effect, applying hot and cold packs is recommended but not mandatory. Therapy typically involves stretching and light exercises designed to strengthen the muscles that can help prevent a disc from herniating or bulging out. Posture correction is also important as are pain-minimization techniques that help to take the strain away from the back.

There are many other non-invasive methods of treatment for a herniated disc. Ask your doctor what would be best in your particular case. Sometimes an epidural for back pain and inflammation can speed healing.

The length of the herniated disc healing process depends on many factors including the fitness of the patient and the extent of the injury. At the very worst without requiring surgery, a patient must take as much as three months off work in order to rehab the back and make it healthy again. In the case of surgery which is the only option in many cases especially those that are very severe, 6 to 8 months is the norm for herniated disc healing.

The important thing to remember is to never rush back to your normal routine when recovering from a herniated disc. Prematurely cutting therapy or eschewing surgery because of the need to hurry back to work or business can worsen the condition causing the pain to become unbearable even with the help of steroids for pain relief. Herniated disc healing is a long and slow process that has to be properly done in order to have complete recovery.

If you know of someone who is postponing the herniated disc healing process in favor of things like work, give them the right advice: take time off work to completely heal the back. The 6 to 8 weeks one can spend off of work can significantly help ensure that the patient spends the rest of his years free from the pain of a herniated disc. That’s one lifetime goal that is truly priceless.