Extreme Lower Back Pain

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Extreme Lower Back Pain

The problem of extreme lower back pain has been gaining much attention in the medical community in recent years as more and more patients who are less expected to have the problem are now coming forward with it. In years past, the demographics for extreme lower back pain was vastly different than what is seen today. So what changed? And more importantly, what can be done to stay away from the potential perils of an excruciatingly painful back?

Here are some facts that are well worth knowing.

Not that many years ago, doctors categorized extreme lower back pain as a condition that was most prevalent among people who suffered from physical trauma following extreme physical exertion. Common suspects also included athletes or car accident victims. In most cases, the extreme pain was often caused by a medical condition known as a herniated disc where at least one of the spinal discs supporting the spinal cord had become damaged and protruded onto one of the surrounding nerves

Today, the growing number of patients with extreme lower back pain does not fit this old definition of the usual back pain suspects. Instead, the patients of today are often found working in sedentary environments, spending inordinate amounts of time in front of personal computers crunching numbers or doing research work for big companies. The absence of trauma in these scenarios precludes the patients from being likely sufferers of extreme lower back pain.

As it turns out, it is exactly this “inordinate amount” of time in front of computers that have led to the rise in the number of cases of back pain. Poor posture combined with static loading on the back muscles and spine eventually causes the spinal discs to become damaged leading to a herniated disc. The extended number of hours spent sitting down, with poor posture, and in poorly designed working chairs have replaced the traditional causes of extreme lower back pain but with equally devastating results.

The lesson here is both insightful and alarming. Do you work in such a corporate environment that demands extended hours in front of a computer? How would you deal with the inevitable pressure exerted on your lower back due to the hours that you spend typing and working on your desk? Are you already feeling some degree of lower back pain that may be the precursor of something more serious? Are you even aware of the risks associated with extended hours on a computer?

Extreme lower back pain is not something that you can laugh off or take lightly. In its most extreme form, treatment requires surgery that will take months to recover from, not to mention expose you to risks associated with a major surgical procedure. Now that you are aware of the potential causes of extreme lower back pain, it would be beneficial to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to counteract the likelihood that you will get the disease.

If you are already beginning to feel the precursor to extreme lower back pain, immediately seek the services of a medical expert today. Don’t let it develop any further. Take the necessary precautions to arrest the problem in its earliest stages. You would be wise to heed your body and adopt the necessary lifestyle changes that would spare you the risks of extreme lower back pain.