Cost of Herniated Disc Surgery

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Cost of Herniated Disc Surgery

A herniated disc is a common medical problem that affects a number of senior citizens as well as younger individuals on occasion. Since the cost of herniated disc surgery is fairly expensive and complications can occur, most doctors will first try a at least a few weeks of non-invasive treatment before suggesting an operation.

A herniated disc could be the result of over-exertion, spinal injury a symptom of a more serious problem such as degenerative disc disease. Fortunately, a herniated disc condition can be easy to deal with if caught early. In fact, many individuals do not require much treatment at all to deal with the problem. In most cases, one is only advised to avoid heavy physical activity with a few weeks of total rest being encouraged. At times conventional treatments such as application of heat and ice packs, massage and physical therapy may be recommended. There are also a number of other non-invasive treatments that can be tried.

However, some cases of herniated discs may warrant surgery, especially after the conventional treatments named above have been exhausted. Individuals who have suffered a herniated disc that has not healed after 3-6 months will usually be advised to have the surgery. It may be even suggested sooner if the pain is getting worse or there is numbness or other serious problems.

Herniated disc surgery is a serious decision and one needs to weigh all the benefits as well as possible drawbacks of having the surgery performed. Moreover, the cost of herniated disc surgery may determine whether or not an individual is financially able to proceed with it.

Fortunately, most insurance companies will cover the cost of herniated disc surgery. In fact, many companies will cover surgical fees as well as hospital bed fees. However, most won’t cover post-operatives costs. As they are essential, the patient will have to cover these costs from their own pocket.

The average cost of herniated disc surgery is quite high. Even those with coverage will likely have to pay $6000-$8000 in out of pocket expenses. The most common form of surgery to help individuals suffering from a herniated disc is a micro discectomy, though there are other types of surgery that may be used.

For uninsured patients, the cost of herniated disc surgery of this type will range from $20,000 to $50,000. The cost is mainly attributed to the complexity of the type of surgery performed and the expertise of the surgeon performing it. Location may also be a factor, with larger cities and hospitals being more expensive.

As previously noted, the insurance company will cover the vast majority of the cost of herniated disc surgery. However, any out-of-pocket expenses will be solely the responsibility of the patient. As such, they will need to make necessary arrangements so as not to have any outstanding medical bills.