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Cost Of Back Surgery

Knowing the cost of back surgery is important if an individual is going to have to resort to it as a last treatment option for recurring back pain. Unfortunately, there is no single figure that applies to all forms of back surgery. Various considerations, cases and scenarios mean that estimates can differ by as much as a few thousand dollars. Still, it is extremely important to get an idea of the cost of back surgery.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll try to summarize the key considerations behind some common types of back surgery and the projected cost associated with each type and all the subsequent considerations.

· Endoscopic Back Surgery - This procedure is typically used to address pinched nerve problems such as those in a herniated disc in the lower back. The procedure is less invasive than major back operations, requiring the use of an endoscope that has a camera at the tip to guide the surgeon in locating the affected areas. Depending on the surgeon’s fees, the cost of back surgery of the Endoscopic variety is typically between $6,000 and $8,000.

· Laminectomy - This procedure is typically used for removal of bone growth that exerts pressure on the spinal canal. The standard cost of back surgery for this procedure is around $85,000.

· Spondylodesis - This is the official medical term for fusion of spinal vertebrae. It is an invasive procedure that requires the use of screws and metal pins to attach bones to each other facilitating the growth of new bone cells across the connection. Spondyledosis is commonly used for back surgery where the spinal vertebrae is fractured and requires repair or after removal of a herniated disc where the remaining discs need to be fused to provide mechanical rigidity to the spine. This cost of back surgery using this procedure is in the range of $12,000 to $18,000.

· Vertebroplasty - This procedure requires addition of a bone cement or paste to provide structural support to the vertebra. It is also not seriously invasive and can be done with only a few small incisions. The cost is primarily due to the cement paste which is of specialized formulation designed to mimic the bone composition and structure. Costs typically do not exceed $3,000 for this type of procedure.

There are also incidental costs that can contribute to a significant increase in the final cost of back surgery. Common reasons for these incidental expenses are medications and post-operative care, potential treatments for post-operative complications, other hospital fees and additional food supplements necessary to facilitate recovery. These costs are largely variable and dependent on a lot of factors. Another consideration is with regard to lost wage because of absence from work before, during and after the procedure.

Doctors strongly advise against back surgery without exploring more common treatment options and the cost of back surgery is one of the least important reasons in this admonition. Recovery, in particular, is the biggest argument against back surgery. Patients should look to exhaust all other medicative and therapy-based treatment options before starting to worry about the cost of back surgery.