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If you are aware of the many cases of severe back pain, then you know that back pain is not a condition to be trifled with. Many have come to regret that they did not take care of their back well enough. Whether it is posture related or something that is brought about by an injury or age, there are plenty of causes of severe back pain that everyone should be fully aware of in order to do whatever is neccessary to keep back pain at bay.

Here is a list of the common causes of severe back pain and what you can to do manage the condition.

· Injuries. This is the most obvious cause of back pain and can be brought about by a nasty fall, an incident such as a car crash, or a sports related injury. Injuries happen because the back receives a massive amount of force that it what just not built to absorb. Common injuries are either to the bone or the back muscles resulting in recurring back pain. In many cases, injuries that are not severe heal on their own but if the pain has not subsided in a few days or if you are sure that something is really wrong, you should see a doctor about your back injury immediately.

· Mechanical Problems. Of the many cases of severe back pain, this is oftentimes the most stealthy and unassuming. Mechanical problems can develop over a period of years and are caused by a change in the way the spine behaves. A common example is a herniated disc, which is caused when the disc itself or the gel like substance that is inside it has begun to protrude out far enough it is touching sensative nerves. Regular check-ups can actually help to spot back mechanical problems early on so they can be corrected before they worsen.

· Diseases. Arthritis is one type of bone disease that can strike and cause severe back pain. The spine has a large number of joint connections where arthritis can set in. Of the many causes of back pain, this type is the one that is easiest to treat although it does not always mean that the patient can ever be fully free from the grips of back pain episodes.

· Tumors or Infections. These can be some of the most serious reasons of the many causes of severe back pain. Tumors can develop in the upper or lower back and influence the way the spine moves. They can also press on nerves causing paralysis of the lower extremities. Back pains caused by tumors often come without warning so it is important to immediately see a doctor once you experience back pains beyond the normal pokes, jolts and knots that many people experience on a daily basis.

With the many causes of severe back pain, one can never be sure about any particular reason once back pain has set in. It is extremely important to be aware of the intensity and severity of back pain episodes. Before the pain begins to get really sever, do not hesitate to immediately go to a doctor for a thorough examination to help diagnose the causes of any back pain and prevent it from progressing to a more advanced and possibly irreversible stage.

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