Causes of Middle Back Pain

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Causes of Middle Back Pain

Pain in the middle back is one of the most common problems affecting individuals all around the world. There are many causes of middle back pain. In some cases, the cause of middle back pain could be the result of poor posture which is easily treated. In other cases, conditions such as osteoarthritis as well as degenerative disc disease could be the cause of your middle back pain. Middle back pain may also be a symptom of a much larger problem which may require urgent medical attention to prevent any further harm to your back. In any case, middle back pain should not be taken lightly especially if the pain persists after resting.

The exact causes of middle back pain may not be apparent to the suffering individual. However, physicians say that majority of the causes of middle back pain lie with problems that involve the ligaments, joints, muscles as well as the vertebrae in that portion of the back.

One of the most common causes of middle back pain is a herniated disc. A herniated disc develops when the spongy discs which are responsible for cushioning your vertebrae bulge and as a result press on the nerve roots adjacent to them. At times, the disc may break open and its contents may extrude onto the nerve roots causing further irritation and pain.

Herniated discs as causes of middle back pain are usually the result of normal wear and tear as one ages. However, the condition might also be caused by over-exertion when carrying out physical activities. For most individuals, the condition heals itself over time. Only a small percentage of individuals with a herniated disc require surgery as other conservative treatments like physical therapy and rest are effective in helping resolve the problem.

Overexertion is perhaps the most common cause of middle back pain. When one exerts themselves too much during physical activity, the ligaments, muscles and/or discs may be strained or injured. As a result, one feels pain in the middle back area. If you have been hit hard on the back or get jolted as a result of a car accident, then this could very easily be the cause of your middle back pain.

While the causes of middle back pain are certainly numerous, the available non-invasive treatments are quite effective in helping individuals resolve the problem. Your physician will typically recommend pain medication, rest and physical therapy as conservative treatments for a set period before considering alternative means such as surgery.

As noted above only a few individuals will need surgery to help ease the causes of middle back pain. If surgery is required, your physician will choose the best surgical option for your particular case.