Causes of Lower Back Pain

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Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are many potential causes of lower back pain and understanding each potential cause is instrumental towards developing the habits necessary to ward off lower back pain problems. Believe it or not, correcting bad habits and adopting good ones can go a long way in helping ensure that you remain free from the grips of pain due to various back conditions. It all begins when you take it upon yourself to embrace the knowledge required to be more vigilant and proactive in preventing the onset of any causes of lower back pain.

Here are the things that you should be mindful of if you want to remain free from the painful effects of a bad back:

The first and perhaps most risky causes of lower back pain has to do with trauma from accidents or from actively playing various sports. A nasty fall on a basketball court or fall from a bike can jolt your spine enough to cause a herniated disc. The good news is that trauma leading to lower back pain is less likely when you take the proper precautions when playing sports and by wearing proper protective equipment. When you remember that trauma is something that you can in many ways control, you will appreciate being more careful in your everyday decisions when it comes to risk avoidance and being meticulous with your choices so as to eliminate the likelihood of injury.

 Another one of the causes of lower back pain falls in the category of genetics. Simply put, your genes may betray you by giving you a predisposed tendency to get a herniated disc. This happens when your spine is not in the correct alignment due to genetic bone problems placing undue stress on some discs. Others involve having weakened back muscles which causes them to give way allowing the disc or the protective gel in it to protrude out and strike the surrounding nerves. Genetics is best fought by exercising to strengthen the anatomical structures in your back so you are equipped to resist the natural degradation of its functions.

Unfortunately, one of the causes of lower back pain has to do with the natural aging process. Aging, by its very nature, weakens many of the common body structures including limiting the natural elasticity of the muscles particularly in the back. When these muscles are weakened, they can give way to a herniated disc. Like cases that are caused by genetics, exercise and proper posture can help minimize the likelihood of a herniated disc by constantly training the back muscles to maintain their strength and improve their function.

The many causes of lower back pain are best remedied with a strong commitment to exercise, posture, and an overall healthier lifestyle. It also helps to have a keen understanding of the risks that can lead to serious physical injuries that may trigger a herniated disc in back. Practicing techniques for preventing lower back pain can be a tough juggling act, especially for those with a genetic predisposition for the condition. However, it is not altogether impossible. With the right knowledge and the proper level of commitment to following what your therapist and doctors recommend, you can virtually remain back pain free even as you gracefully grow into your golden years.