Bulging Disc Treatment Options

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Bulging Disc Treatment Options

A bulging disc is a common back problem that affects millions of people in the United States alone. However, a number of people often get confused when terms such as bulging disc and herniated disc are mentioned. Though you may think that they are the same, there is a distinct difference. A bulging disc refers to a situation whereby a spinal disc has compressed or flatted out and touched one of the spinal nerves resulting in pain and discomfort. On the other hand, a herniated disc refers to as situation whereby the spinal disc ruptures or disintegrates causing severe sciatic pain when the inner gel substance comes in contact with nearby nerves. Depending on the severity of the condition, the bulging disc treatment options may vary.

Before we mention the common bulging disc treatment options, it should be noted that a number of these options only provide a temporary reprieve from the pain associated with your bulging disc condition. In order to get rid of the pain completely, the root of the problem must be identified and a suitable treatment method decided on by your physician.

One of the most used bulging disc treatment options is medication. Anti-inflammatory drugs as well as painkillers are commonly recommended as the first treatment option for the pain that results from your bulging disc condition. Moreover, relaxants may be prescribed to help relax the concerned muscles. You may also be given cortisone injections directly to help relieve any acute pain and inflammation that may be the result of your condition.

In a number of cases, physical therapy and other holistic bulging disc treatment options have been far more effective. Beneficial stretching and strengthening exercises help the affected area especially when combined with other treatments such as ice and heat therapies.

When dealing with chiropractic care, two techniques are of use to individuals with a bulging disc. These are traction and spinal manipulation. The two when combined with physical therapy are great at providing temporary relief as well as relieving pressure from the affected area.

Spinal decompression has proven to be one of the most effective bulging disc treatment options available. The treatment is highly successful and is noted for being a no-drug alternative. Its success is associated with the treatment of the problem at its root. This method works through re-hydration of the spine which is done through computer controlled pumping. Through this process, any herniated materials are set back in place. As such, the spine is allowed to heal naturally.

Finally, surgery is the last treatment option considered by physicians after all other conservative treatments have been exhausted. While there are numerous successive surgical procedures to help treat bulging disc problems. However, the risks associated with these procedures are often great as well. As such, before considering surgery, be sure to try a number of non-invasive bulging disc treatment options which when given time will correct the problem.