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Back Surgery Information

If you are going to have back surgery procedures done there are a few things you need to be aware of to make certain your operation has the best chance for success. Here is a check list to get you started. You need to do the things on this list as far in advance of your surgery as possible.

1 - First you need to pick your surgeon. You will be using either a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon. Try to find one you are comfortable with and if they suggest a type of surgery you would prefer not to have it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion before having the procedure.

2 – If you are a smoker you need to at least temporarily stop until you are completely over the surgery. Believe it or not smoking does increase the risk of complications for almost all serious surgery.

3 – Get as much exercise as possible, as much sleep as possible and eat nutritious meals. You want your body in as good a condition as possible before any back surgery procedures.

4 – Stop taking aspirin and any anti-inflammatory medications at least 2 weeks before your surgery. These medications thin the blood and can increase the chances of more than normal bleeding.

5 – Check with your insurance carrier so that you get no surprises after your surgery is over. Some policies actually require a second opinion before the surgery or even per-authorization from the company.

Thanks to new medical technology there are now a number of back surgery procedures available than are a lot less invasive than the traditional spinal surgery of the past. They require a lot small incisions which makes the recovery time shorter and the chance of complications much smaller.

Laser surgery recovery time is less than half the time as open back surgery. Better yet, since the incisions are so small it is considerably less painful for the patient. It is done by inserting a small camera with a light into one of the incisions so the surgeon can have a clear view of what is taking place by watching the procedure on a screen.

Not every patient is a candidate for laser surgery, but if your surgeon is suggesting a more invasive surgery you should find out why and get a second opinion.

All back surgery procedures are of course considered major surgery so you should try and get as much information as available and become as knowledgeable about your back problem before having the surgery done.

Many times back problems heal themselves if given the chance. You should always use surgery as a last resort and try other alternative treatments first.

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