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Back Surgery Cost

Back problems are very costly in terms of time lost from work and medical treatment. This is the most common cause of disability for people in the working population. According to the Center for Disease Control, among the new visits made by clients to their physicians, 14 percent could be attributed to people seeking relief from back pains.

Usually a doctor will first try a number of non invasive methods to treat back pain if it isn't caused by a severe injury. However, if all non-invasive measures fail, surgery is often considered as the last resort to manage the symptoms associated with back pains. How much back surgery cost greatly varies depending on the severity or the extent of damage involved, and what type of operative procedure is to be used. Moreover, having health insurance coverage will also affect the cost of the surgery.

The typical back surgery cost for patients undergoing endoscopic back procedures averages between $6,000 and $8,000. It involves the insertion of an endoscope to visualize and to facilitate access to the affected area. This type of procedure requires smaller incisions and allows faster recovery time. It is often used to treat herniated disc, relieve compressed nerves and is used to enhance spine stabilization as well.

Due to the complexity of the procedure and the amount of risk involved, the average back surgery cost for patients who would undergo laminectomy is roughly about $85,000. The procedure involves the removal of the laminar portion of the spine to reduce the pressure on the nerves that causes the pain. Moreover, this procedure is also the surgical treatment of choice for people with spinal stenosis, a medical condition characterized by a narrowing of the spine that usually occurs on people over fifty years old.

A spinal fusion surgery costs approximately around $12,000 to $15,000. This surgery requires the excision of ligaments, bones and other surrounding tissues to allay the pressure on the affected nerve roots. A donor bone harvested from the iliac crest of the hip is needed to fuse the vertebrae together in between the spine where the damaged tissues have been removed. This bone graft will cost about $3,000. The fusion will promote permanent immobilization of the compounded vertebrae to eliminate the discomforts associated with having damaged vertebrae.

The back surgery cost for placing prosthesis or implants to replace damaged discs is approximately $4,000. Vertebroplasty is done to repair damaged or compressed vertebrae of the spine. This kind of surgical procedure entails the instillation of bone cement into the damaged vertebrae to replace and stabilize the area. In addition, it relieves the pain caused by the compression as well. In some cases, using metallic implants like titanium to replace damaged vertebrae will also influence the cost of the surgery.

Before considering surgery, one should consult with a specialist to determine if it is the best option available. Back surgery cost is not only limited to the monetary value of the procedures alone. Lost salary from work, hospital stay charges, medications, post-operative treatments and in some cases, the need for extensive rehabilitation should also be considered. Knowing one’s health insurance coverage is also essential in determining the rough cost associated with the contemplated surgery.

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