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Back Pain Treatments

With recent advancements in medical science, the field of back pain treatments is taking a significant reboot in terms of offering patients a good way out of their pesky back troubles. Years ago, patients would need to contend with the dreaded open-back surgery where doctors expose the whole back area to treat a herniated disc. Today, innovative methods such as laparoscopic back surgeries, and even complementary treatment schemes via a non-invasive treatments or a physical therapist can lead to huge strides in back recovery while minimizing the risks inherent in invasive procedures.

Here are just some of the most promising options for back pain treatments that patients can consider, together with their doctors, towards ensuring a speedy recovery without the need to undergo the risky medical procedures of days past.

Physical therapy. Every quest to remedy an aching back rightfully begins with physical therapy. Before patients even consider surgery, they should have already been certain that therapy is not a sufficient cure for the problem. In physical therapy, therapists leverage new concepts in muscle recovery such as deep tissue stimulation or alternating hot and cold compress to engage stiff back muscles. Together with targeted exercises designed to strengthen the back muscles, physical therapy seeks to eliminate the pain by reinforcing the back muscles allowing them to natural heal, support, and prevent further movement of a misaligned disc in the lower back.

Chiropractics. The next level after physical therapy is chiropractics. Here, experts perform spinal manipulation techniques to improve the range of motion of a specific joint. In the case of a herniated disc, chiropractors can slowly adjust the location of the popped out disc so it is pushed back in eliminating the source of the discomfort. In years past, chiropractics were primarily based on the skills of the practitioner to perform the necessary adjustment. Today, medical science has significantly enhanced the practice of chiropractics as it merges with advanced physical therapy concepts. More and more patients have relied on chiropractics for their back pain treatments instead of having to go through surgery. This development is helping to ease the cost of treatment as well as minimizing the risks that typically come with back surgeries.

Laparoscopic back surgery. A laparoscopic procedure relies on the use of endoscopes and lasers to perform the procedure. The relatively small size of the endoscope means that doctors no longer need to expose the whole area to perform the operation. Instead, they only need to make very small incisions large enough to fit the endoscope and the laser. This procedure significantly reduces recovery time and eliminates the risks of unintentionally tweaking anatomical structures in the back which, in many cases some years ago lead to many complications.

The development of back pain treatments have significantly helped better the cause of patients who continue to suffer from back ailments. By relying on any combination of physical therapy, chiropractics and newer surgery techniques, patients are able to overcome their situation in an easier and more convenient manner while at the same time being spared from potentially serious risks. Of course, as our understanding of medical science continues to advance, we can only expect that back pain treatments will also continue to improve. The hope is the technology to eventually prevent back pain problems in the near future. Until then, we rely on the treatment plans to help patients resolve their problems and illnesses in the most effective way possible.

As a closing note it may be stated that in many cases none of the above are needed. Many times just a few days or weeks of giving the back the rest it is needing can be one of the only back pain treatments needed. If the pain is severe anti-inflammatories and pain medication may be used during this rest period.