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Back Pain Remedies

Back pain is an ailment that is common to so many. As is the case for common ailments, there are many remedies that are prescribed either locally or professionally. Back pain remedies can therefore be either home remedies or medical remedies. The most commonly opted for first are the home remedies.

Home remedies could include watching the type of foods you eat. There are certain types of food that provide the kind of nutrition necessary to prevent and in some, also cure back pain. Vitamin D3 for instance is crucial for maintaining strong bones. This can be found in eggs and in fatty fish like salmon, catfish and tuna. Exposure to direct sun could also help in providing Vitamin D. Pineapples which contain Bromelain, and flaxseeds are known to help in reducing inflammation. The use of garlic when cooking food has also been seen to help with back pain. There are many other food sources of relief for back pain which also help in maintaining strong bones.

Herbs can also be used as back pain remedies. There are certain different types of herbs that, when used right, are useful in relieving back pain. These include the use of Arthcare oil and capsules, Shallaki, Ashwagandha, ginger and even Epsom salt which is normally used in baths. For the more adventurous ones or the ones with the more chronic pain, the use of acupuncture can be explored.

Acupuncture is known to relieve pain by activating a number of biological processes that calm the affected nerves. This remedy is however rarely used as it is expensive and takes several visits to have full effect. The other more controversial back pain remedy is music therapy. This may not entirely be a cure but it helps reduce the side effects caused by chronic back pain like depression and anxiety. It is a slow process also but helps the patient relax and to some level forget the pain.

Home remedies also include physical remedies. For instance, back pain is believed to be caused to some level by cold temperatures. The same way that someone with arthritis feels pain in the joints when it is cold, someone with chronic back pain feels worse when the temperatures drop. Thus, as part of the home remedy, you are advised to keep warm and take hot food and drinks. This keeps the body at a comfortable temperature level avoiding the pain. The use of hot water bottles has also been found a useful part of back pain remedies where the patient places the bottle on the paining area, moving it to other parts of the spine for complete relief.

Massages done using mustard oil are also useful with back pain. Another practical way of relieving back pain is using firm mattresses when sleeping and avoiding sleeping face down.

Medical remedies are normally sought after the home remedies do not work or in a case of chronic back pain. These include drastic measures like surgery and physical therapy thereafter. Medication can also be prescribed in a case where surgery is not necessary and home remedies are not effective. All in all, back pain remedies are numerous and generally affordable.

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