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There are some ailments that we all go through at some point in our lives no matter what our age. Back pain is one of them. By definition, back pain is an ailment that occurs in the lower part of the spine and within the muscles surrounding that region. It is however worse and more frequent in old age and during pregnancy but still considered normal and no cause for serious alarm. However, there are some situations that could cause the ailing individual to look for medical advice especially when it becomes unbearable and untreatable by resting. Doctors have done research and found ways of alleviating this condition with back pain medication and other forms of therapy.

The most common treatment recommended for most patients suffering from back pain is the physical treatments like resting on a flat hard surface with a pillow under your knees. This works to prevent your body weight from resting directly on your lower spine as it now gets evenly distributed all over your back. For pregnant women however, this may not work as they are actually discouraged from lying on their back since the weight of the baby goes to their spine making the pain worse. In their case, there are a number of exercises that are recommended which involve raising the lower back upward to work the muscles around that region. With repetition, these exercises can help relieve the pain. If not, then back pain medication may be meeded.

Another physical reliever of back pain is massages. Massages increase blood flow to the affected area reactivating white blood cells to cure the pain. So if in a position to do so, a patient can enroll in a massage parlor or get their spouse to give them regular massages to help the pain ease up. If need be these massages could include the use of deep-heating rubs.

Exercise and body activity that does not put a strain on the back bone also helps treat and prevent back pain. Generally, inactivity and too much sleep actually brings about back pain so working in the opposite should prevent it. Some people have also found relief in using hot water bottles or ice. In most cases this works on the mild cases of back pain.

In a case where the patient is suffering from chronic back pain, back pain medication must be used. Ibuprofen is a drug known for its relief on pain and is available over the counter. Another drug that can be of use is Acetaminophen also good for pain relief. It is however advisable to always consult your doctor before taking any drug to avoid reacting to an element that may be contained in the drug that you are allergic to. You may also need other drugs for the stomach to prevent to back pain medication from causing problems in that area.

Back pain, as clearly shown, is very treatable and is generally not a cause for alarm. There are even situations where individuals can expect to suffer some back pain such as in old age and during pregnancy. The key is to know what level of pain it is and how best to treat it. Once you understand these, back pain will be much easier to handle and you can possibley avoid ever getting to its chronic stages. However, they may be times when you need to give your body a rest and take some form of back pain medication to help you through the episode.

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