Acupuncture for Herniated Disc

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Acupuncture for Herniated Disc

Every year, thousands of senior people all over the world suffer from back-related problems. One of the most common of the problems that affect people aged 50 years and over is a herniated disc. Learning to cope with the pain as well as the medical costs of such a problem can be stressful and overwhelming. Besides the impact a herniated disc can have on your everyday life, the sciatic pain that can result may reduce or prevent one from carrying out most physical activities.

Statistics indicate that half the American population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. The worse of these is sciatic pain. Typically described as a burning pain that radiates down from the lower back to the feet, sciatic pain is the direct result of compression of the sciatic nerve which eventually results in a herniated disc. Persons suffering from this kind of pain are unable to maintain proper posture which affects walking and sitting. Further deterioration may lead to more back complications as well as accidents and diseases. Thus, a suitable treatment method needs to be used to effectively counter the problem.

Treatment options for herniated disc are varied and can even include some form of surgery. While back surgery presently is known to be minimally invasive and has a high succession rate, you may want to try acupuncture for herniated disc treatments before you consider surgery.

Acupuncture is a well-known oriental treatment method which has been used repeatedly to help all sorts of back related problems. Moreover, several physicians recommend acupuncture as one of the foremost treatment methods to help cure patients of herniated discs as well as the sciatic pain that it causes.

Acupuncture for herniated disc is most effective when the initial symptoms present themselves. Such symptoms include back cramps and spasms. Research on acupuncture as a treatment method for the herniated disc shows that the treatment stimulates the damaged area to produce naturally occurring steroids which help in its repair. Moreover, endorphins are also produced through this process. In this way, the swelling associated with the herniated disc notably reduces after treatment and the associated pain also decreases.

For more severe cases, it would probably be best to combine acupuncture for herniated disc with traditional herbal medicines to help cure the problem. The effectiveness of this form of treatment is improved when combined with other forms of treatment such as physical therapy and exercise.

Before acupuncture can be considered as an effective treatment for the herniated disc, your physician must first assess the extent of damage caused by the herniated disc. Moreover, your physician will also have to review the associated sciatic pain caused by the herniated disc to determine whether or not acupuncture will help remedy the problem.

There are additional benefits associated with using acupuncture for herniated disc treatment. Some of the notable benefits include decreased fatigue, pain and an improved mood.

Though many are skeptical of using acupuncture for herniated disc many people swear by it. Since different treatments work for different people it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.